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esther ainsworth is a practicing artist based in london.

her portfolio over the last 17 years has focused on the production of site-specific installation works which explore an understanding of place and time.

she primarily uses sound as an ephemeral medium to transend language differences and cultural borders.

her work frequently responds to the acoustics of architecture and engineered structures within urban environments, absorbing the movement and development in the city on a daily basis. she continues to consider the integration of communication as a creative tool, bringing interactivity into projects regularly.

her portfolio continues to expand in the uk and overseas in unusual and challenging locations including high streets, road bridges, automobiles and nature reserves.

projects have included conflux festival of psychogeography, new york, kernel festival, italy and working as artist in residence in stúrovo, slovakia concentrating on the study of the maria valeria bridge as a metaphor for the creation of virtual bridges within the community and across the international border.

in the last year she has exhibited work at electricite de france, in partnership with camac centre for arts and technology, nogent-sur-seine, france and the lexi gallery, london.

esther is currently working on projects in response to a summer residency with cwnd canary wharf 2018, further news will be added soon.



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