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16 march 2008, artwash, truwash laundrette, headington, oxford

spring clean 08' is an interactive sound/performance exhibited for artwash, oxford.

the intention is to question our understanding of existence in banal and everyday spaces by creating an imaginative realm which captures a sense of lost magic and surprise.

audience members and performers are invited to contribute items of laundry accompanied by text or narrative about it, or why it needs to be cleaned. by revisiting these moments, we discover a way to contemplate the existence of a memory on the verge of being cleaned away and disappearing forever. as the evening commences the items are collated and used to create a series of loads of washing.

as narratives, objects and visitors fill the space, performers intertwined with the audience create a dreamlike environment and a sense of ambiguity.

machines become active and the sounds will start to form a composition. these sounds will be transformed using microphones and technology and mixed with rhythms and manipulated.

the idea for this piece exists between the mundane task, the wondering mind, the ephemeral moment and the lost memories. it is hoped that this performance creates the experience of a trip to a laundrette as a magical adventure where happenings question our perceptions of time and space.



other recorded videos of performance in quicktime.....







Participating artists work included in this project….

esther ainsworth (live performance)

gary dorking (live performance)

matthew griffin (live performance)

tim jeeves (live performance)

justin parr

ann rapstoff








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