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2005 - 'cinematec' lighthouse media centre, middle street, brighton

"text opera" is an interactive production experimenting with the possibilities of technology to transform the experience of traditional artforms. the piece invites the audience to contribute information, which shapes and sculpts the content and outcome of the performance.

text opera took place at 'cinematec', brighton, on the 6th of december as a prototype for use in proposal for further events.

four performers appear before the audience on a darkened stage holding a mobile phone, which acts as the recipient for incoming information. the number for each mobile is clearly displayed on both the front and back of each performer. each member of the audience is issued with an invitation to communicate with the performers via text messaging to form the content of a script for a live opera. this is done by sending statements and thoughts to the performer of their choice. for this reason there is no set storyboard, or script. the piece will be completely improvised by the audience and the performers. it is hoped that this almost gives the audience a sense of authorship toward the performance.

the content and outcome of the event is always completely dictated by audience participation. if the audience does not participate, then the piece will not progress. if the piece does not progress then this is also a happening in its own right. no two pieces will ever be the same.

bleeps of phones and pagers will are intended to form a textured sonic backdrop to the vocal work by the performers. the overlaying of voices depends on timing between audience members sending information to the performers and also the time it takes for information to be received by the pagers. it is intended that the audience will find intrigue in the ability to be able to control the actions and direction of a performance as well as form interesting relationships both between themselves and between themselves and the performers.





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