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2005 - cdr night, plastic people night-club, london

"textual intercourse" took place at a night called cdr, plastic people, old street, london, on thursday 10th june 2004.

cdr is a night which invites electronic musicians with unreleased tracks to get the dj to play their work to an audience of fellow producers in a club environment. the night is all about audience participation. every track played is created by a member of the audience. for this reason, we chose cdr as a venue for our first showing of "textual intercourse".

as well as being invited to submit their own work, we gave the audience the opportunity to send their thoughts, comments and ideas via text messaging to the vj to become a part of the visuals. a display plasma screen is positioned in the club. located around the walls are a contact number. the number acts as the core recipient for a flow of text messages from the patrons within the club. thoughts and words are sent to the display screen to form a flow of text which acts as an on-screen dialogue between the crowd.

the piece allows the audience to have an altered presence within the venue as well as within the medium; it creates a space where interaction becomes possible. each participant in the crowd influences responses from others and further to this it forms a discourse between the crowd and the dj.

anonymity is maintained at the same time as allowing the audience a voice. it is hoped that the visual text will resemble a screenplay or chatroom.

"argument as theatre"

higgins and moss 1984 radio voices media, culture and society

the audience are no longer just receivers of information, they become empowered. it will become possible for each member of the audience to interact with the dj. by making suggestions or voicing criticism it is possible to influence the dj and thus modify the night by making a contribution to it.

together with cdr we aim to create a total experience for the clubber. removing the lineality of both the dj set, and the visuals.

the purpose of the performance at plastic people was to create a full working demonstration of the piece for documentation for further proposals. by demonstrating "textual intercourse" at cdr we have generated a strong base of new contacts who are keen to become involved in the project. the project is ongoing, and we intend to continue to develop the project to create new and interesting collaberations.











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