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bridge-links is a site-specific sound installation by esther ainsworth e_s_t, created for camden new wave festival 2013 in partnership with the english folk dance and song society.

over a period of 50 days, field recordings were collected at locations along and around the regents canal from primrose hill to kings cross.  the recordings were then used to create a sound composition.  the local community and towpath users were invited to help in the creation of the work by contributing their own sound recordings via voice memo on mobile phone or by emailing sound clips. 

over 60 sound clips were collected in total from participants, which were all used as samples for the final work.

the final sound composition uses a series of perameters and loops set in generative software to create gestures, patterns and rhythms, inspired by elements of traditional canal song, following a period of research of histories of canal song at the vaughan williams memorial library, cecil sharp house. the work was installed beneath Regents Park Road Canal Bridge and Gloucester Avenue Canal Bridge and could be experienced by walking along the canal towpath between 12pm and 4pm on saturday the 2nd november and sunday the 3rd of november 2013.

the project considered the canal and the bridges along it as both a physical and virtual network between the people and places of the borough of camden.



















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