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TexturesFM live Nottingham 2009

New York 2006

New York 2006


2002 - present

"that the man in the street should have anything vital to contribute to broadcasting was an idea slow to gain acceptance. that he should actually use broadcasting to express his own opinions in his own unvarnished words, was regarded as almost the end of all good social order."

d.g. bridson, prospero and ariel

‘' is a series of interactive sound events concentrating on the displacement of sounds in the urban landscape. with particular reference to mobile technologies this project considers the integration of mass communication as a creative tool.

the audience are invited to contribute sonic information of their specific environment by phoning the artist on an allocated number. the sounds are then transformed into the composition of a live mix.

the aim is to play upon the process of a ‘phone in', to give elements of authorship to the audience. the sounds can come from anywhere, from anyone and be of anything.

i am very interested in the idea of surrounding background environments being transformed to become the content of a spectacle. the rapid growth of technology has made many devices as much a part of our everyday environment as nature. with particular reference to the mobile phone this project considers the integration of mass communication and technology as a creative tool.

our understanding of the world is informed by sound. in the creation of this project i aim to question our dependence on sound to inform our senses, and our awareness of existing in time and space.

‘textures.FM' was initially launched in 2002 as a series of projects for radio and was broadcast on london based radio station ‘london live and direct' as well as brighton based radio station ‘radio 4a'. since then live events have lead to the work finding a place embedded in the urban landscape in venues such as the volks nightclub, brighton, 2005, the rider project, 2006 as part of conflux festival of psychogeography, manhattan, and rye harbour wildlife festival in collaberation with east sussex council. more recently she worked with trampoline festival, nottingham, and has current projects with camac centre for arts and technology, france, kings place music foundation, london and bridgeguard in stúrovo, slovakia.













16 january 2009 - radiator festival, broadway media centre, nottingham

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14 june 2007, the rivington gallery, hoxton


3 may 2007, v22 gallery, ashwin street, dalston

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8 - 11 september 2006 - rider project nyc

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5 - 7 may 2006 - rye harbour wildlife festival

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7 june 2005 - volks nightclub, madeira drive, brighton

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may 2005 - present - radio 4a,







Radiator Flyer 2009



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16 january 2009 - exploits in the wireless city, radiator festival, broadway media centre, nottingham


‘relocating the sounds of our world to nottingham city centre via phone.'

for wireless city , sounds contributed by mobile phones create a soundscape which is edited live at a media hub in london and then streamed to an installation at broadway media centre, nottingham.

a neon sign hangs in the installation space. the Number 07775 722888 can be called from any telephone anywhere in the world. this installation is a live event. it requires city goers all over the world to unite by sending sounds of their immediate surroundings by phone to the number.
the samples, received by a live phone line in east london are then manipulated and streamed to the broadway media centre, nottingham.

all sounds will be replayed throughout theweek and can be heard at http://www. myspace. com/texturesFM




Rider Project image






8 - 11 september 2006 - rider project nyc

over 10 days, the ryder project visited locations accross manhatten island including brooklyn, chelsea, harlem.

as part of this event worked as an interactive performance which travelled around the island in the back of the rider truck and performed in 3 of these locations.

the idea was to encourage participants from all over the island to phone in with the sound of their surroundings and generate a live mix which would then be cast back out into the street.






5 - 7 may 2006 - rye harbour wildlife festival


the commission for the wildlife weekend, east sussex council was to create a piece which worked with new media and interactivity. the focus of the festival was mainly around birds.

situated in the gun gardens, rye, an outdoor performance took place which aimed to fill the garden with the sound of birds. the birds did not exist in the garden but were a collected series of live phone calls from visitors to the festival who had been asked to phone the textures fm number with sounds as they walked around the bay. this was then mixed into a live bird song which was played live into the garden to accompany people enjoying a quite drink in the sun.

a workshop also accompanied this piece, which allowed young people to go out and record wildlife in the area and bring their recordings to the garden. at an allocated time, these recordings were then reworked to become a live mix.






7 june 2005 - volks nightclub, madeira drive, brighton


the first site specific performance of took place in a nightclub during the day, overlooking the beach in brighton. the performance encouraged the public to go out into brighton and call the number with the environmental sounds of the seaside. these sounds were reworked with ambient music and mixed in the nightclub and then played out of the window, casting them back into the street and dislocating them from their original source.






may 2005 - present - radio 4a,


radio broadcast has created an ideal home for it works as a live phone-in and it allows the sounds to be completely universal. by this i mean the sounds that people call in with can be from anywhere and of anything. it enables the broadcast to be a live montage of sounds from all over the world and potentially played back all over the world. these mixes are usually accompanied by ambient music.



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