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summer residency 2018 at cwnd, canary wharf contractors at wood wharf development

new work exploring the development and transition of the construction site at wood wharf with particular focus on responses to the new residential towers on the site including 1 park drive and 10 park drive.

the residency allowed space and time to broaden knowledge and research of the construction site, its materials and the wider environmnent by working within it on a daily basis.

a number of studies were conducted, beginning with attentive listening excercises by walking and understanding the changes in the acoustic architecture of the space. documentation at a number of locations around the site has led to experimentations considering aural architecture, along with a number of 'contact drawings' created with handmade contact microphones which allow a more tactile approach to the recording process by actually allowing the surfaces of the buildings to have a voice.

full documentation with sound excerpts from the project and pdf will be added here shortly.

from recording, mixing and developing new recording styles this work considers engineered space in a state of transition.


first contact: invisible drawing no 1 – excerpt to be added here shortly

full sound portfolio can be found here:

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