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warrington-Voices is a site-specific sound installation by esther ainsworth e_s_t, for warrington contemporary arts festival 2014.

field recordings, collected in the town and surrounding area in the lead up to the festival, culminate in a sound composition which responds to the unique environment of warrington, exploring the spirit of place and capturing the rhythms of the way the town moves and lives.  

the project seeks participation from the local community in the creation of the work by contributing sound recordings of their locations and experiences of warrington via voice memo on mobile phone or by emailing sound clips. 

the recordings contributed by the public prior to the installation will be added and layered into the final work. during the festival, the public will still be able to continue to submit sound recordings, which will then be used as part of a final performance at the close of the festival.

the idea explores the capability of sound to deepen and strengthen connections within communities, considering the physical and virtual networks between the people and places of warrington.

the work will be installed beneath the entrance outside parr hall throughout the festival from the 3rd of october till the 1st of november. 

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